Sunday, 29 March 2015 23:06

Stepping Stones Project Update

Stage 5 Report

The Stage 5 report for the Stepping Stones Project was recently uploaded into MERIT, the Australian Governments monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement tool. It summarises the project’s progress against activities and outcomes for the period 1st July 2014 to 31st December 2015.

Some key outcomes from Stage 5 include:

  • 2,636 people attended project activities and events, this included 597 new participants and 54 new farming entities
  • Completed 31 ha of new restoration works across 11 properties
  • Completed 40 ha of follow-up across 18 properties
  • Completed 2 ha of biodiversity connectivity plantings
  • Influenced management over 1547 ha of properties in the Hunter
  • 598 ha of properties nominated as Stepping Stones across the Hunter Valley
  • Delivered two school bird monitoring field trips
  • Delivered three landholder workshops
  • Delivered two youth and community forums
  • Delivered two GER (Greater Eastern Ranges) Hunter Partnership meetings
  • Carried out 2 seasonal systematic bird surveys across 10 existing sites and established 10 additional sites in the Upper Hunter that had their first survey in Spring.
  • Distributed Stepping Stones property signs to landholders
  • Rebuilt Stepping Stones Project website see
  • Produced two short videos and a 30 second radio advertisement for participant recruitment campaigns and promotion – available on the website
The online MERIT reporting system keeps a running tally of outcomes from each stage of the Stepping Stones Project. These are presented as pie charts and summary points. For example, see the screen shots from MERIT below showing the total number of events and project participation since the start of the Project. These statistics are worth celebrating! We are at the half way mark for the project with 5 stages still to complete, it will be wonderful to see the final ‘meritorious results at the end of June 2017.